At Bright Idea Shops, we are proud of every product that comes out of our shop in Akron, Ohio. This isn't some high quantity, low quality run of the mill product.  This is American made craftsmanship at it's finest. We often get that warm and fuzzy feeling in our stomachs because we know when our customer receives their order, they are getting a product that was built to last a life time. From our Picnic Tables to our Park Benches, and even our Waste Receptacles these are bound to make a difference in your bottom line. 
If you know our company, then you know we love making our products from Recycled Plastic Lumber because of its outdoor durability, resistance to graffiti and it's ability to defend itself against Mother Nature's best efforts. Our customers appreciate these benefits because it allows them to use their time more effectively.  Instead of cleaning up vandalized benches or sanding, painting and staining the wood they can put their maintenance staff to use in other, more important areas of need.  No more maintenance means no more headaches!
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Bicycle Racks