National Bike Month

May is National Bike Month

6-Foot Bike Rack by Bright Idea Shops


Our Bike Rack is made from recycled HDPE Recycled Plastic Lumber. Easily accommodates 10 bicycles making it perfect for biking trails, rails to trails, schools, college campuses and community parks.
May is National Bike Month, sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists and celebrated in communities from coast to coast. Established in 1956, National Bike Month is a chance to showcase the many benefits of bicycling — and encourage more folks to giving biking a try.

With more...err.. wheel traffic you need a bike rack that can withstand the use and still look amazing.

Minimal Maintenance + Long Life = Sweet

We admit it, we're a little zealous about our awesome bicycle racks. It's kind of hard not to be. The racks are made from 100% post consumer plastic. That's fancy for milk jugs -- lots and lots of milk jugs.

May is National Bike now is the perfect time to get the Bright Idea Shops Bike Rack.

by bikes everywhere

We use high-quality stainless steel bolts. No rust. No discoloration.

All of our recycled plastic products are made with UV stabilizers and colored with light stabilized dyes resulting in a product that virtually doesn't age -- a bit Dorian Gray just without the creepy backstory.  

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