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Bright Ideas Shops, LLC is delighted and honored to bring forth its Artisan Casual Furniture featuring the original art work of Don Drumm, America's master metal sculptor and designer of aluminum castings.

With Drumm's iconic metal suns, moons, stars, all-knowing faces, flowers, hearts, leaves, birds, animals, crosses and welcoming garden plaques you can see and feel a sense for the whimsical, the natural, the recognizable and the abstract.

Form and function uniquely join together art with durable recycled plastic lumber materials to make a truly timeless and original piece of casual furniture.

Sit, relax, enjoy and admire your original.

AF3100BDB Artisan Chair S524

AF3100BDB Artisan Chair S524

Artisan Chair featured is shown with a Back Insert. Seat Support, Seat Front and Legs in Black with Back Outside, Arms, and Seat in Driftwood. The Drumm Sculpture  insert featured is S524 Large Sun.

Our Price: $499.00

AF3100BDB Artisan Chair S454

AF3100BDB Artisan Chair S454

Artisan Chair featured shows a Back Insert, Seat Front, Seat Support and Legs in Black with a Back Outside, Arms, and Seat in Driftwood.  The Drumm Sculpture insert is S454 Cross With Letters.

Our Price: $539.00

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