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Hex Picnic Table

Hex Picnic Table

Our Price: $728.00

White Hex Picnic Table

Our Hex Picnic Table (our #1 selling product) is perfect for adults and children to enjoy a picnic, interesting conversations, playing games or just quiet times to take in a beautiful day.

Our Price: $899.00

Classic 6' Picnic Table

A classic design with commercial durability.

Our Price: $718.00

White Classic Six Foot Picnic Table

Supported by popular demand, our series of white products works well around swimming pools, tennis courts, water parks, beaches, oceans and high sun and warm temperature environments.

Our Price: $799.00

Boardwalk Bench Series

Boardwalk Bench Series

Our Price: $498.00

White Boardwalk Bench Series

Supported by popular demand, our series of white products works well around swimming pools, tennis courts, water parks, beaches, oceans and other high sun and warm temperature environments.

Our Price: $528.00

Contour Bench Series

Contour Bench Series

Our Price: $848.00

White Monument Bench Series

White Monument Bench Series

Our Price: $269.00

Sale Items

Memorial Bench Series 2" x 10" Back

Memorial Bench Series 2 x 10 Back

Our Price: $428.00

6' Bike Rack

6' Bike Rack

Our Price: $488.00

Speed Bump Series

Speed Bump Series

Our Price: $58.00

SA632: 32" Straight Step Spa Series

32 Straight Spa Step Series

Our Price: $200.00

Featured Items

Song Bird Feeder Gift Box Series

Song Bird Feeder Gift Box Series

Our Price: $39.98

City Seat with Back Series

City Seat w/Back Series

Our Price: $892.00

Infinity Seat with Back Series

Infinity Seat w/back Series

Our Price: $1,147.00

Victoria Seat Series

Victoria Seat Series

Our Price: $1,080.00

Victoria Picnic Table Series

Victoria Picnic Table Series

Our Price: $3,168.00

Recycling Express - Train Set

Recycling Express Train Set

Our Price: $2,200.00

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Commercial Picnic Tables, Outdoor Park Benches, Adirondack Chairs, Recycling Receptacles, Patio Furniture & even Spa Steps made from Recycled Plastic Lumber!

You can be very smart and save valuable dollars by purchasing manufacturer direct. Bright Idea Shops, LLC is the manufacturer of many outside park benches, Adirondack chairs, and commercial picnic tables for sale on this website. When you invest into these products, you can be assured that it is money well spent. Being constructed of low maintenance materials, you will reap the benefits for many years to come, due to the minimal upkeep and extended lifetime associated with your wise purchase.



Heavy Duty, "Lifetime" Durability, Attractive: Plastic Lumber


Plastic Lumber is a building material that can be substituted for natural lumber in many instances. Not only is it 100% resistant to rot, the major advantage of plastic lumber is its capacity to add another phase of reusability. Plastic lumber is 100% recyclable after its original intended use, unlike its wood-plastic composite lumber counterpart. The major asset of this material over wood is the ability to be molded thus meeting almost any desired spatial challenges, since it can also be bent and fixed to form strong arching curves. Why do you think that our products are not only practical, but also pleasing to the eye?



Solutions: Park or Playground - Park Benches, Parking, City Trash Cans, Bike Racks...


Be it for park, playground, recreational area, or even backyard applications, you can’ t go wrong with the park benches, park trash can, bike rack and parking solutions that we offer. Our playground equipment, be it train, monster truck, or even pirate ship play structures will beautify your recreational environment while still being a practical solution.

Thinking about Spa Steps?


We have a great selection of steps (straight, radius or for storage) that are great for outdoor usage!



When you buy online, 100% customer satisfaction is our goal.