Picnic Tables

All of our plastic lumber picnic tables can be considered “heavy-duty picnic tables”. Why? Because we build them for the long haul.  We build them strong, stout and sturdy so that they last longer than your wooden picnic table.  That's not all, folks.  Our tables will never need painting or staining and our plastic lumber doesn't absorb water so forgetting about the cracking or splitting of boards. 
We build picnic tables is all shapes and sizes.  For instance, our smallest picnic table, the Children's Picnic Table, is designed to seat 4 children, weighs in at 60 lbs. Our largest heavy-duty picnic table has 594 pounds of staying power and stability!

In other products, lightweight implies high performance. Not when it comes to a city & park quality heavy duty picnic table. A heavyweight means it was crafted to withstand the worst of the elements. The weight also provided staying power to endure high winds and small flooding. You want that picnic table right where you left it, once the inclement weather passes! 

These picnic tables are built to last, withstanding high traffic, graffiti and wet climates. If all of these features do not satisfy your demands, how about low maintenance? Built to reduce replacement and maintenance costs, these tables are great investments. Hey! Another bright idea from Bright Idea Shops!

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