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When residents, friends and neighbors gather in leisure spaces, they want to enjoy each other's company in comfort. Bright Idea Shops leads the way to happy gatherings with recycled plastic residential furniture that's as comfortable as it is durable.

Our neighborhood furniture for apartment buildings and multifamily neighborhoods is made of premium quality HDPE plastic lumber, so it will never splinter, crack, rot, fade or require painting.

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Enhance the Community With Apartment Outdoor Furnishings

From picnic tables and public benches to must-have accessories like trash receptacles and bike racks, we have commercial site furnishings to convert any residential area into a friendly, enjoyable gathering space.

The Best Furniture for Residential Facilities

For building owners, community managers, homeowner's associations (HOAs) and contractors, the best furniture for residential facilities provides durability, functionality and aesthetic appeal. Bright Idea Shops is experienced in designing, engineering and manufacturing outdoor furniture that fulfills all of these requirements.

Our residential facility furniture is beautifully made and designed for comfort and convenience. Plus, every piece is easy to care for – wipe down our picnic table or bench, and you're good to go. Waterproof and durable, you can be sure our residential outdoor furnishings will provide years of service for your community.

Where to Install Residential Community Furniture

There are several places to install residential community furniture to encourage interaction between residents. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Walkways: If you have walking paths, sidewalks or other walkways, a park bench is a welcome sight for pedestrians, bikers and joggers.
  • Pavilions: Encourage residents to congregate and share meals by placing picnic tables and trash receptacles in and around pavilions or lawns.
  • Pools: Make sure you have chairs where swimmers and waders can relax while enjoying the neighborhood pool.
  • Outdoor Dining Area: Community centers often have a patio or deck where residents can gather to coffee klatsch or enjoy a little dessert. Our outdoor picnic tables are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate your dining space.

Order Easy-Care Neighborhood Furniture From Bright Idea Shops Today

Whether you need commercial site furnishings for a housing estate, recreation center or residential care facility, furniture from Bright Idea Shops is the perfect solution. Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), our neighborhood furniture is durable, looks fabulous and requires very little maintenance. Get your residential community furniture from Bright Idea Shops today!

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