Custom Farm Signs

Custom farm signs from Bright Idea Shops are a celebration of identity, a beacon for visitors and a guide for those navigating the expanses of your farm. Crafted from high-quality, recycled plastic, our outdoor farm signs stand the test of time against the elements, embodying the resilience and enduring spirit of the farming community.

Understanding each farm's unique needs and stories, we offer custom sign solutions that perfectly align with your vision. Whether showcasing your farm's name with pride, marking out different areas of your land or providing clear directions for guests, our personalized farm signs meet your specific requirements and enhance the visual appeal of your property.

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Custom Farm Signs Designed With Your Needs in Mind

If you want impactful, long-lasting farm signs, custom is the way to go. We offer a wide range of customization options to create farm signage that meets your operation's specific needs. With various shapes and colors to choose from, you can specify a sign that aligns perfectly with your brand and requirements.

Custom Farm Signs

When you partner with Bright Idea Shops for custom farm signs, you get complete design control plus your choice of:

  • 19 UV-stabilized colors
  • Additional color combinations created via epoxy and color-fill
  • Unlimited fonts
  • 20+ shapes
  • Posts in 14 color combinations and eight top-finish options

Materials for Farm Signage

We craft our farm signage with multiple material systems to accomplish long-term durability. Recycled plastic HDPE lumber is one of the best materials for outdoor signposts because it’s exceptionally durable and resistant to fading from UV light. Our plastic lumber is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) derived from recycled materials, primarily milk jugs. This material performs in any environment or climate, but performs its absolute best in outdoor applications where water touches wood.

Custom farm signs require the durability to last in all environments. Recycled plastic HDPE lumber is exceptionally durable and resistant to fading from UV light, making it ideal for applications like weatherproof outdoor signs. Fiberglass-reinforced products are available for certain structural applications.

Custom Farm Signs for Any Operation

Custom farm signs for outdoor use are an excellent option for any agricultural business. Sprawling crop farms that need to mark different field types and provide directions and livestock ranches that display health and safety warnings and showcase their brand take advantage of these versatile tools. Organic farms often use custom signs to highlight their commitment to sustainable practices and differentiate their produce at the market entrance.

Vineyards and orchards also benefit from elegantly designed signs that guide visitors through scenic paths and advertise tasting rooms or seasonal offerings. Specialty operations, like apiaries and flower farms, use these signs to boost their aesthetic appeal and market their unique products directly to consumers. Whether you need farm entrance signs or custom ranch signs, Bright Idea Shops offers farm signs for sale that are suitable for a broad range of applications.

Custom Farm Sign Installation Options

All custom-made farm signs are unique, and the skilled design team at Bright Idea Shops is on hand to make sure your design and material picks are spot-on for your location. This guide on custom farm signs will help you figure out the best design styles, color concepts and post-installation options.

Install & Mounting Options
Dado Instructions for Custom Farm Signs

Instructions and Guidelines for Sign Dados

Dados are essential when assembling a custom farm sign between two posts, allowing you to attach the sign to the posts. We make the dado by ripping a 3/4" deep by 3/4" wide groove down its entire length, which is custom-cut to your sign's height.

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Available Options for HDPE Sign to HDPE Post Mounting

We use recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and customize all signs and posts to fit your project. We recommend using two posts or a brace for signs larger than 24" wide. If your sign has a span over 72" wide, we recommend using a center post or brace.

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Mounting Options for Custom Farm Signs
Post Options for Custom Farm Signs

Available Options for HDPE Post Finish & Color

Bright Idea Shops offers HDPE sign posts in 14 color combinations and eight post-top finish options. HDPE posts will not rot, rust or delaminate. Easy to clean, they're splinter-free and ideal for any climate. Choose recycled HDPE for your next custom farm sign.

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The Advantages of Our Custom Farm Signs

In our family-run business, our expert artisans produce top-notch custom farm signs that are durable and eco-friendly and require minimal maintenance. Designed for beauty and practicality, each sign boasts bright, easy-to-read lettering and attractive visuals.

Enduring Durability

Crafted from recycled plastic lumber in the USA, our custom farm signs are built to withstand the elements. We incorporate premium UV stabilizers into the plastic to prevent weather damage, ensuring the signs stay vibrant without fading or chalking. Plus, we use high-quality stainless fasteners to eliminate the risk of rust stains, guaranteeing many years of reliable use.

Committed to the Environment

Embrace sustainability with our custom farm signs, made from recycled plastic that lasts longer and is fully recyclable. Our production process offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood-plastic composites.

Zero-Hassle Maintenance

Forget the constant care required by wooden signs; our custom farm signs are the definition of hassle-free. Made with weather-resistant materials, they don't need painting or frequent repairs. A simple hose-down is all it takes to keep them looking fresh, making them a more convenient and cost-effective solution than wood. They're resistant to rust, rot and weathering for years of maintenance-free use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Farm Signs

As a trusted player in the $10.6 billion U.S. printed signage market, Bright Idea Shops is your source for information about custom signs. Read the following for the answers you need about custom farm signs.

Can I Customize the Size and Shape of My Farm Sign?

Absolutely! We offer a wide range of customization options for size and shape to ensure your sign perfectly fits your needs. We can help whether you need something large and in charge or smaller and subtle.

What Materials Are Used to Make the Farm Signs?

Our farm signs are made from high-quality, sustainable materials, including recycled plastic lumber and UV-resistant inks. These materials ensure your sign withstands the elements and remains vibrant for years to come.

Are the Custom Farm Signs Weather-Resistant?

Like all our signage, including business signs and park signs, our custom farm signs are designed to be weather-resistant. The materials we use are selected for their durability and ability to withstand various weather conditions, from harsh sun to freezing temperatures, ensuring your sign stays looking great all year round.

Start Designing Your Custom Farm Signs Now

Whether you want outdoor ranch signs or custom farm entrance signs, you can't go wrong with Bright Idea Shops. Don't let another season pass without showcasing your farm's unique character. With unending design options, outstanding durability and hassle-free maintenance, our custom farm signs are the ideal solution. Submit our HDPE Form today to take advantage of everything we offer.

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