Solving Park Furnishings Maintenance Issues in a Coastal Environment

Coastal environments are brutal on park furnishings. Whether your facility is along the sea or freshwater coast, coastal park furnishings are subjected to abuse from Mother Nature as well as visitors. And the park's outdoor furnishings' constant maintenance and frequent replacement cost time and money. Keep reading to see how choosing the right trash receptacles helped two coastal communities enhance their park facilities and save money.

Clearwater Florida's Outdoor Park Furnishings Success

Durable Coastal Furnishings

Clearwater, Florida's world-renowned beaches attract plenty of visitors each year, and those numbers swell to staggering proportions during the spring break season. With the punishing environment and crowds, Clearwater found they needed park outdoor furnishings that could take a beating and endure the tough environmental conditions.

Their metal trash cans along the beach were quickly rusting out, so Clearwater Parks decided it was time for a change. The search began for a waste receptacle that would survive the harsh weather, salty conditions and spring break revelers.

The 60-gallon Jumbo Waste Receptacle made of recycled plastic lumber from Bright Idea Shops was just what Clearwater Parks was looking for.

Outdoor Park Furnishings With Superior Design

"We liked that the top of the can is covered, which reduces the amount of rainwater that can get inside," says Jim Boise, trade worker supervisor with Clearwater Parks and Recreation Department. "Since the trash cans load from the side, it is easier to get the internal trash bin in and out."

Regarding wear and tear from beachgoers, dents in the Jumbo Waste Receptacle are popped out easily. This is pretty impressive, considering most of the damage is caused by spring breakers standing on top of the containers or the mowing crews accidentally bumping them.

Customizable Coastal Furnishings & Other Recycled Plastic Products

"We asked for a few design changes to better suit our needs," said Boise. "Bright Idea Shops made the changes, and we have waste receptacles that work for our specific needs and location."

You can add logos, text, signage or advertisements to the side panels of these coastal outdoor park furnishings for a customized look that really stands out.

Recycled Plastic Lumber Park Furnishings Maintain Their Beauty

The individual components of the Jumbo Waste Receptacle are recycled plastic, plastic and stainless steel bolts, so corrosion is no longer an issue. The plastic has a less-than-one-percent water absorption rate, making it difficult for spilled beverages and debris to cling to the material. The waste receptacle is made from recycled plastic lumber and resistant to graffiti.

"The receptacles always look nice."

Over 100 Bright Idea Shops Jumbo Waste Receptacles are used daily by Clearwater Parks’ visitors — and they are going strong while facing the ultimate test in durability – spring breakers and the constant assault of glaring sunlight, sea salts, water and wind.

Benefits of Coastal Furnishings Made from Recycled Plastic Lumber

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Resistant to graffiti
  • Impact-resistant
  • Rust-proof
  • No painting required
  • Customizable
  • Withstands harsh weather conditions
  • Colorfast
  • Never rots

Park Furnishings for The North Coast

Outdoor Park Furnishings For Coastal Environments

Not all coastal environments are along the ocean. In Huron, Ohio, the Parks Department is working hard to brand themselves and provide stylish waste receptacles for their patrons.

"Bright Idea Shops helped us incorporate the city logo onto the side panels," said Doug Steinwart, Huron Parks and Recreation operations manager.

"We really like the way the etched logos turned out and how it has helped us brand our parks," said Steinwart of Huron Parks and Recreation's recent rebranding. "It was perfect timing to implement the waste receptacles in highly visible areas of the park."

The park furnishings are located in Fabens Park, a focal point of local activity, including baseball, softball, tennis, walking trails, picnic shelters and a playground.

Coastal Furnishings That Solve Corrosion Challenges

Prior to switching to the Jumbo Waste Receptacles, the staff had to refurbish and paint their old metal coastal furnishings and trash cans each year.

"We did a lot of research on waste receptacles because of our close proximity to the water and the corrosion problems this causes," said Steinwart. "We wanted receptacles that were aesthetically pleasing but could also withstand the elements."

Right-Sized & Low-Maintenance Coastal Park Furnishings

Huron Parks' high volume of visitors and desire to keep operating expenses low meant they also needed outdoor park furnishings that could hold a large volume of waste. Steinwart also needed a receptacle that was heavy enough to not tumble over with a gust of wind.

Bright Idea Shops' Jumbo Waste Receptacles and other park outdoor furnishings have enough weight and are built sturdy, so they don’t topple over.

"The Jumbo Waste Receptacles' closed top acts as a shelter and reduces the amount of rainwater that gets in," said Steinwart. The closed top also reduces the chances of waste being blown out of the container.

Whether on a sea or freshwater coastline, the Jumbo Waste Receptacles' recycled plastic lumber does the job of helping parks maintain clean facilities and reduce operating costs. The customizable side panels offer opportunities for branding as well as advertising or sponsorships.

Coordinates With Other Coastal Outdoor Park Furnishings

At Bright Idea Shops, we offer a complete line of commercial site furniture and park outdoor furnishings to coordinate with our Jumbo Waste Receptacles.

All of our outdoor park furnishings are constructed from the same high-quality, heavy-duty recycled plastic lumber.

Upgrade Your Park Furnishings with Bright Idea Shops

Create a premium experience for visitors and reduce your team's maintenance duties with durable coastal furnishings from Bright Idea Shops. Find out more about how Jumbo Waste Receptacles and other park outdoor furnishings can enhance your park by calling Dave Robbins at 800-886-8990.