Plastic Lumber Entry Signs

Iconic plastic lumber entry signs

Define and brand your location with plastic lumber entry signs that get noticed. Of course, you want your plastic lumber signage to look great and unique but over time is that really possible?
It is – if you select plastic lumber signs that are made with the same care and attention to detail every time. We help entities such as parks, airports, local businesses and communities as well as county, state, and federal agencies by developing distinctive and highly recognizable signs for their locations while also saving them money on maintenance and replacement costs.
Consistency Starts with the Board

We use plastic lumber that is combined with UV stabilizers and light stabilized dyes. The additives increase the lifespan of the plastic lumber sign and make it resistant to fading and chalking.

Plus, the plastic lumber material that we utilize has a less than 1 percent water absorption rate. This low absorption rate means that there isn't much for paint or ink to stick to which makes graffiti clean-up easy.

Napkin or Vector

Whether your artwork for the plastic lumber sign is scribbled on a napkin or delivered to us in a vector art file (a.k.a. vector graphic file), we work with you to make the park sign meet your exacting requirements. If you don’t have the staff to develop the artwork into a vector graphic file, we are able to help you with that as well.  


If you are starting new with us, we can match your artwork. We helped the Parks and Recreation department for the City of Manchester develop more visually appealing artwork for their signs while keeping the park name as the main focus. Lettering and images are custom designed and routed using a CNC router. Plastic lumber signs can be further customized with full-color logos and images.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Although the original signs in the City of Manchester’s Parks and Recreation areas were installed some time ago, we seamlessly matched new signs to the same format and style as the older plastic lumber signs from us.

“The signs are durable. We have had them in our parks for over a decade and you can hardly tell they have been used,” says Doug Foley, director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Manchester. “You can barely tell which one is an old sign and which is the new one.” 

Size Doesn’t Matter

Whether you need a small trail marker sign or a massive entry sign, we can help. At Lorain County Regional Airport in Ohio, we created a massive entry sign that measures 96 inches high by a whopping 360 inches long. Even with a plastic lumber sign that large, maintenance isn’t an issue. plastic lumber signs are designed to be impervious to the majority of what Mother Nature, road crews, and vandals can manage.

Reliable Continuity

Consistent entry and park signs increase continuity throughout a park system. Our plastic lumber signs are consistent in artwork and board color plus they hold up so well to the elements, mowing crews, and vandals it is difficult to tell the difference between a new sign and one of our signs that has been in service in the field for several years.

In fact, Preservation Parks of Delaware County installed new signs next to their older signs that have been out in the field and exposed to the elements for years and couldn't see a noticeable difference.

“They blend in well together and are consistent in size, color, and font. Every time I order, they are exactly like the ones I ordered before which is important in keeping the overall consistency of the signs in the parks,” said Todd Younkin, former deputy director, Preservation Parks of Delaware County. “We look at the long run cost savings and even though these signs are a little more expensive, over the long run they are less expensive than repeatedly replacing the signs.”

In the Long Run

Since we handle your sign artwork for you, we consistently provide artwork and board colors that exactly match the original signs from us—even if it was years ago when you bought your first sign.

By using a sign, you can increase your brand’s recognition and help define your location as well as save money and time on maintenance and replacement costs.