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Outdoor Sign Durability: How Long Will My Outdoor Business Sign Last?

The last thing business owners want to deal with is replacing their outdoor business signs. With quality materials and durable construction, your outdoor business sign will be well worth the investment. In this article, we'll talk about the best material for outdoor signs, signage depreciation, life cycles and what to expect when it comes to your outdoor sign durability.

How Long Do Exterior Business Signs Last?

The short and unsatisfying answer is "it depends." A number of factors come into play that will contribute to signage depreciation over their life. Exterior business signage is designed to be durable and long-lasting. The materials you choose for your signs will help determine how long you can expect them to last. Here's a list of factors that will contribute to your outdoor sign durability.

Exterior Signage Materials

Whether your outdoor business signs are made from wood, metal or eco-friendly plastic is a big factor in their longevity. Proper sign maintenance regardless of exterior signage materials will greatly extend their lifespan, but more durable materials such as aluminum and high-density polyethylene will last longer than cheaper plastics.

Weather Conditions

Most business owners might not consider their annual climate cycles when purchasing their exterior business signs. Wind, rain, saltwater mist, snow, heat, cold and sunlight will all contribute to wear and degradation of your signs. Adverse weather events, such as heavy thunderstorms, tornados and hurricanes, can also damage your outdoor business signs. Accounting for the weather conditions and climate in your region is crucial for your exterior business signage.

Components and Complexity

How much detail is included in your outdoor business sign? The more fine details, like routing, beveling, milling and the like, the more prone to wear they will be. Additionally, exterior business signage with LED panels, lights, controllers and other electrical components has more points of failure and requires more detailed design.

What Is the Best Material For Outdoor Signs?

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a durable, customizable material that creates long-lasting exterior signage solutions for hundreds of different designs and applications. You can create custom outdoor business signs that utilize HDPE for everything from wayfaring signs on park trails to storefront signs that welcome customers to your business.

HDPE is durable in all weather conditions and colorfast to prevent fading caused by the sun. It is also eco-friendly as a recyclable, environmentally-friendly material that doesn't rot and is cheaper than most wood and metal outdoor business signs.

When it comes to outdoor sign durability, HDPE provides the greatest combination of price to performance. The volume of customization options for your outdoor business signs makes them an ideal choice for complex designs such as maps, signs for golf courses, business parks and more.

Are There Outdoor Business Sign Alternatives?

When it comes to outdoor sign durability, high-pressure laminate (HPL) is an outdoor business sign material that has become quite popular over the years. HPL is highly adaptable and fully customizable including both color and graphics. Exterior business signage made from HPL is easy to install and allows you to create themed, branded signs that inspire positive experiences for guests and visitors.

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