Creating a Sense of Place: Memorial Benches

Memorial Benches Create A Sense of Place

Recycled Plastic Memorial Bench

At Bright Idea Shops, we started making memorial benches to fulfill a simple request. Word soon spread about our memorial benches durability and great looks. Every day we help parks, zoos, schools, gardens, playgrounds, community centers, and communities build a sense of place for their members.

Our memorial park benches are a unique way for community members to honor and respect loved ones, celebrate triumphs, or show appreciation to their community service members – from the local fire department to military service members.

Uniquely Designed

We work directly with you to develop long-lasting customized memorial benches. Whether you need a two to the eight-foot-long bench – we can do that. We create perfectly spaced and aligned lettering using our CNC routing machine. A v-groove is created using the conic bit which results in stylized lettering with natural shadows and depth.

Personalized Memorial Bench Designs

However, if you wish to have a customized color for the lettering – we can do that too. End mill lettering is created using a flat bottom bit.

The letters are then filled with the colored epoxy resin of your choice.
Memorial Bench Engraving

For long-lasting good looks, we recommend deep-toned earthy colors such as blacks, browns, and emerald greens. To preserve any color you choose, we hand paint on a clear coat UV Inhibitor onto each epoxy filled letter.

Pricing & Fund Raising

Memorial benches are a distinctive way for your community members to have a sense of ownership and pride while also helping out your facility by purchasing either a portion of or the entire bench. The cost to your constituents is up to you.

Additionally, memorial benches are an innovative way for your friends or group to raise money for additional work such as installing or improving pathways, signage, or plantings.

memorial park bench

Expert Carpenters

Bright Idea Shops memorial benches are made with high-density polyethylene (plastic) lumber manufactured in the United States with light stabilized dyes and UV stabilizers for decades of worry-free maintenance.

Every piece of the bench is crafted by our skilled carpenters in our family-owned and operated shop located in Akron, Ohio. Each bench is assembled with high-quality stainless steel nuts, bolts, and fasteners so you don’t have to worry about rust stains. Once you have ordered your customized memorial bench, it will take us between two to four weeks to create and have it delivered to you.


Our memorial benches are rugged. The plastic won’t rot, splinter, or fracture. Mold, dirt, and graffiti don’t stick to it. In fact, cleaning typically occurs seasonally and is as simple as a quick wash down with a hose.

Call us today at 800-886-8990 to begin the process of creating your customized memorial benches.