Commercial Site Furnishings By Recycle Design

RecycleDesignâ„¢ demonstrates how superior quality HDPE (high-density polyethylene) profiles can be structurally and visually integrated with custom shaped aluminum castings as well as fabricated steel and stainless steel components to create a product portfolio consisting of five "Series", each with a different appearance, performance and price point.

In their experience, thoughtful designs, carefully crafted with quality intent and design value-added are well appreciated by the A&D community. Their design awards ad international recognition confirm the value of our environmentally conscious products.

Recycle Design's products use a blend of 75% recycled an 25% prime HDPE along with UV-inhibited pigment systems to coat our metals and to achieve color stability in product applications where careful detailing and appropriate structure successfully combine the desirable qualities of the dissimilar materials.  And, our products can be recycled as well.