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Why HDPE Furniture is the Best Choice for Your Park or Commercial Patio

High-density polyethylene is among the most common variations of plastic. It often is used in bags, bottles and containers, but did you know it can also be used to create HDPE furniture? Nearly indestructible, HDPE outdoor furniture is also environmentally friendly when manufactured properly.

The US outdoor furniture market is a $9 billion a year industry, and HDPE outdoor furniture is a growing part of that industry. Using high density polyethylene outdoor furniture can help make your public park or outdoor commercial patio more sustainable for years to come. In this article, we'll explain the definition of poly lumber, the benefits of HDPE furniture and the types of HDPE outdoor furniture you can buy.

What is Recycled Plastic Lumber?

Recycled plastic lumber is created using high density polyethylene (HDPE) along with UV-inhibited pigment systems, selected process additives and foaming compounds. The primary raw material in HDPE is created from post-consumer bottle waste, including milk jugs and detergent bottles.

For example, a 250 pound picnic table takes 1,600 milk jugs from the waste stream to make this product (250 x 6.4 – 1,600 Milk Jugs). That’s 6.4 milk jugs in 1 pound of plastic that is diverted from the waste stream for each pound of plastic lumber produced!

This material is cleaned to a high purity level via a decontamination process which removes contaminants such as food residue, adhesives and paper. It's then compounded into a rigid board stock material. The resulting HDPE recycled plastic contains over 90% recycled plastic by weight.

This recycled plastic lumber, also called poly lumber, is then used for HDPE patio furniture and other applications where wood is normally used. Our plastic lumber is made in the USA and our products are crafted and fabricated locally in Akron, Ohio.

How Long Does HDPE Furniture Last?

High density polyethylene patio furniture is extremely long lasting and durable furniture. HDPE furniture is highly resistant to corrosive substances, insects, oil and fuel, salt spray and other stresses from the environment. In addition, HDPE outdoor furniture will not absorb moisture, so it won't splinter, rot or crack.

Is HDPE Furniture Environmentally Friendly?

Many shoppers are more concerned than ever about buying products that are safer for our planet. A 2020 survey found that 83% of shoppers consider the environment when making purchasing decisions.

High density polyethylene outdoor furniture is very friendly for the planet in a number of ways, including:

  • No trees are used to create HDPE outdoor furniture.
  • Tons of plastic are reused in the creation of HDPE furniture instead of filling landfills.
  • No harsh chemicals are needed to maintain poly furniture.

Other Benefits of HDPE Patio Furniture

In addition to being environmentally friendly and very durable, HDPE furniture has many other benefits.

  1. It is easy to clean.
  2. It comes in a large range of colors.
  3. It is heavier than wood and other lightweight plastic products, so it won’t blow away.

What Kind of HDPE Outdoor Furniture Can You Buy?

All types of outdoor furniture and outdoor seating for parks and commercial spaces are created using HDPE. That includes adirondack chairs, picnic tables, dining chairs, park benches, bar chairs and many other types of HDPE patio furniture.

Discover HDPE Furniture From Bright Idea Shops

Our plastic lumber HDPE furniture is created by local craftsmen from the finest products and will look like new more than a decade down the road. Bright Idea Shops' HDPE outdoor furniture offers innovative designs, unmatched quality and competitive prices to help you create a space that you can enjoy and be proud of. Browse our selection of durable furniture today.

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