Plastic Lumber Costs Comparisons

Plastic Lumber Picnic Tables -- Smart Investments for Your Venue
You want your amenities such as picnic tables and benches to look good year after year but not take a fulltime staff to manage.

Bright Idea Shops plastic lumber boards simply last longer than wood, fiberglass, or metal.


Our plastic lumber products look great without you having to do much, if any, work.

Parks that have installed our products, whether the ever-popular hexagon shaped picnic table, our customizable memorial park benches, or the Recycling Express Train Playground Set soon find that maintenance is decreased from daily to yearly.

Yes, our products cost a little more but those cost savings are soon realized in decreased maintenance and replacement costs.
Bright Idea Shops products look great and continue to look great year after year.
We are a family owned business and we want our products to reflect our high standards and commitment to providing you with a superior product. All of our products are created by skilled carpenters based in Akron, Ohio.

We use only the best quality products from our plastic lumber to the stainless steel bolts.
Our product lines look like new even after 10+ years in the field.
No matter the weather for your area, our products can handle it. From glaring sunlight and 100+ degree days to several feet of snow and sub-zero temperatures, Bright Idea Shops products maintain their good looks and you save both on maintenance and replacement costs.