Parking Lot Equipment & Supplies

Improve safety and assist drivers with parking lot equipment supplies from Bright Idea Shops. We offer both parking lot stops and speed bumps of various sizes, ranging from 3 foot speed bumps to 9 foot speed bumps to make sure drivers in your parking are driving safely and are aware of clearly marked parking spaces. Our removable speed bumps and parking lot stops are made from HDPE recycled plastic that is rugged, durable and can handle years of traffic with minimal maintenance. Unlike concrete or rubber speed bumps, the parking lot equipment supplies from Bright Idea Shops won't rot, break, crack or crumble. They also don't ever need to be painted, which keeps your parking areas well-marked and cuts down on maintenance costs year after year. If you're looking for a durable, maintenance-free parking lot speed bump for sale, check out our selection.

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