Colorful Picnic Tables

Dress Up Your Site with Bright Sites Picnic Tables

Whether you bleed team colors of orange and navy, black and blue, scarlet and gray, or blue and gold – we’ve got the picnic table for you. Our exclusive Bright Sites Collection is color customizable to the sports teams you love.

Looking for a way to brighten your school grounds? Our Bright Sites Hex Picnic Tables are available with 19 different color combinations. Now you can increase the visual appeal of your campus with team spirit colors that resonate with students, alumni, boosters, and your community. With a nearly endless variety of colors and combinations, you can score big with our popular hexagon shaped picnic tables.

Does your park have a playground area that needs a splash of color? Select Bright Sites in engaging color combinations to attract the attention of families. The kids will love the burst of colors while the parents welcome a comfortable place to sit and relax while the kids play.

Community Common Areas

Landscape designers easily make community common areas dynamic and exciting just by adding our colorful picnic tables. For example, waterside attractions could use Bright Sites hexagon shaped picnic tables with blue, green, and whiteboards while dining areas are brought to life with vibrant reds and oranges.


The Bright Sites collection is available in both the hexagon shape and the traditional A-Framed tables. While the Hex Table can be converted to be wheelchair accessible, our A-Framed picnic table can be converted to be compliant with the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our converted A-Frame ADA compliant picnic table is readily identifiable with blue end caps.

Expert Carpenters

Every piece of the picnic table is crafted by our skilled carpenters in our family-owned and operated shop located in Akron, Ohio.
Bright Idea Shops products are made with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic lumber manufactured in the United States with light stabilized dyes and UV stabilizers for decades of worry-free maintenance.

“This is the same kind of plastic used for milk containers or plastic containers labeled with the number 2 recycling symbol,” says Alan Robbins, owner Bright Idea Shops. “High quality plastic lumber is created from only a single type of HDPE plastic stream and contains no fillers.” 

We’re Sticklers

But, we don’t stop high quality plastic lumber. Each picnic table is assembled with stainless steel nuts, bolts, and fasteners. Our customers never have to worry about rust or having their picnic tables looking less than perfect due to ugly rust stains. 

Since the plastic lumber that we use is free of fillers, it has a less than 1 percent water absorption rate. Our rugged Bright Sites picnic tables won’t rot, splinter, or fracture and mold, dirt, and graffiti don’t stick. Cleaning is as simple as power washing or wiping down with a soapy towel.

Heavy Works

Before being formed into lumber, the plastic lumber is injected with microscopic air bubbles which reduces the weight by 25 percent, adds surface texture, and improves the structural performance of the boards. 


Once you have ordered your customized picnic table, it will take us between two to four weeks to craft it and have it delivered to you.

You can choose different colors for the plastic lumber tabletops and understructure to design your own creative combination. Call us today at 800-886-8990 to begin the process of creating your color customized picnic tables.