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5 Ways To Use Commercial Outdoor Trash Cans to Reduce Litter at Your Business or Park

If you're a business owner or public park manager, you understand the damaging impact litter has on your reputation. Unfortunately, while many organizations know the importance of commercial outdoor trash cans, few understand how to use them to their advantage. With the right outdoor waste receptacles and a well-developed implementation plan, establishments can effectively control sanitation issues to brighten up their public image, increase business and patronage and enhance the environment of their establishments. This article will discuss five effective ways any business or park can use commercial outdoor trash cans to reduce waste.

1. Place Trash Containers Methodically To Increase Usage

Nowadays, having only one or two commercial outdoor trash cans near your park, school or business isn't enough to fully combat litter. However, if your budget is tight, location can help. By placing containers for garbage methodically throughout your grounds, you can cut down on the amount of litter.

As a rule of thumb for any establishment, consider transition points – entrances where people must discard trash. Most non-roadway litter can be found at transition points, such as entrances to businesses. Placing commercial outdoor trash cans at these locations is essential to increasing their usage. You can also consider seating areas where people may bring food and drinks, like park benches or picnic tables, where people are likely to have a lot of waste.

2. Purchase Multiple Commercial Outdoor Trash Cans for Effective Litter Management

While we may not like it, people often look for excuses to litter. Too few receptacles can often lead to overflowing garbage cans, which will spill trash onto your grounds. Once the garbage is already scattered, patrons have an easy excuse to litter. Moreover, even if a person uses an overflowing garbage can, their trash will still end up on the ground – it's a lose-lose situation.

Additionally, if someone has to get up and walk around to find a place to toss something out, they may drop their trash on the ground. By adding more commercial outdoor trash cans to your area, you're encouraging good habits which can lead to less litter on your property. Consider stocking up on trash containers to increase your green business practices and combat litter from piling up.

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3. Use Covered Trash Cans To Keep Trash Properly Contained

Blustery winds, inclement weather and stray animals can easily prey on uncovered or poorly covered trash cans outside. Without covered trash cans, your grounds can be filled with litter from scavenging animals like raccoons and foxes. Additionally, if a storm hits, you may find your property covered in wet, scattered litter blown out from an overflowing garbage can.

Hooded-top and dome-lid covered trash cans are two options that provide maximum protection against escaping litter from inclement weather and hungry animals.

4. Utilize Signage To Encourage Patrons To Use Outdoor Waste Receptacles

For most people, throwing trash in containers for garbage is instinctual. However, business owners and park managers can post outdoor signage around their bins for those who need a reminder. Not only is it good to educate patrons on the importance of tossing away their garbage, but it also puts social pressure on guests who may be more receptive to the stigma associated with littering.

The Journal of Environmental Psychology found that icon and picture signage resulted in better disposal performance than signs that only use words. Additionally, the position of signage around trash containers can ultimately lead to better performance. To reduce litter, try to post your signs at eye level above or directly on your outdoor waste receptacles.

At Bright Idea Shops, we can customize your trash containers with the image of your choice.

5. Keep Recycling Bins Close to Trash Containers to Enhance Green Business Practices

While a significant number of people litter, many individuals care about environmental issues and feel a moral duty to protect the Earth. Introducing recycling receptacles alongside your trash containers is an excellent way to increase your green business practices and evoke positive emotions about tossing away waste.

Additionally, encouraging the use of a recycling bin is a great way to enhance your public image and possibly increase the number of people who visit your environmentally-friendly property.

Keep Garbage Where It Belongs With Commercial Outdoor Trash Cans From Bright Idea Shops

Now that you understand how your business or park can effectively use outdoor waste receptacles, it's time to put these practices into action. Clean up your dirtiest problems with commercial outdoor trash cans from Bright Idea Shops. Our products are made from top-rated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and can stand up to the harshest weather conditions to maximize efficiency in your business or park. With tons of different styles and sizes to choose from at affordable prices, we make it easy to implement green business practices and brighten up your public image. Don't let sanitation issues stand in the way of your patrons' enjoyment – browse our entire selection of commercial trash cans today.

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