AF3000 Artisan Side Table YLW - $189.00

AF3000 Artisan Side Table YLW

Made to Order Made in the USA
$189.00 SKU: AF3000YLW
Material Surcharge

We continue to experience unprecedented supply chain disruptions, surcharges and long lead-times in all material areas. Please contact us directly for the most current pricing and availability.

This "exclusive" Artisan Poly Furniture is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a recycled plastic that will never need to be painted or stained.

It contains an added UV protective agent that resists fading, will not rot or splinter, will not promote bacterial growth and is not affected by most corrosive substances. Plastic Lumber manufacturer provides a 50 year warranty against damage from termites or fungal decay.

Approximately 280 recycled plastic milk jugs are removed from the waste stream to manufacture your Artisan Chair.

We are proud to help protect our environment while you sit, relax, admire and enjoy.

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