Victoria Waste Receptacle 32 Gal Dome Top - $1,523.00

Victoria Waste Receptacle 32 Gal Dome Top

Made to Order Made in the USA
$1523.00 SKU: RDV9873
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Victoria blends easily into a broad range of environments from residential communities to urban settings where permanent materials and ageless design have shaped the quality your experience.  Traditional form and attention to fine details define the classic timeless character of Victoria's recycled aluminum castings and overall design.   Waste receptacle available with flat or dome cover with or without ash urn insert.  Requires 32 gallon plastic liner, surface mount only.  Also comes with half waste-half recycle option.  

Frame Colors Options: Choose from Black, Brown, Charcoal, or Green


Slat Color Options: Choose from Cedar, Gray, Weathered, Turf Green


Other Options:

            Flat Surface Cover

            Dome Cover with side entry

            Dome Cover with ash urn insert

            Requires 32 Gallon Plastic Liner

            Half Waste- Half Recycle option






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